Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Decorating/Moving Ramblings

Shane and I will be moving into a house in August and I am so excited. We've been living in a house/apartment for the past year and a half and I am beyond ready to be out of here. It's just....not great. With our moving coming at the end of this summer I can't help but get excited to redecorate! I never really decorated where we are now because it just never really felt like home; it just always has felt temporary......But now I am ready to decorate! Pinterest has really been inspiring me lately...And here is kind of what I'm thinking for our new little house :)
I LOVE this living room. Our living room with be a relatively small space and I just love how light and fun this room is, but still being practical for a small space. I'm currently in talks with my Mom to take her new grey sofa off her hands :) 

I'm thinking about really getting my Tim Taylor on this summer and attempting to make this table. I love it....And have no clue where to find it, so why not try to make it?! Have I ever built anything? No....But Shane built a gun cabinet once that doesn't fit his guns soooo we are off to a great start. But seriously, it looks relatively easy and I am not totally incompetent so I think I should give it a try.

I would definitely go in a different direction with the beddding but I am obsessed with the curtains and the mirror above the bed.....So cute and easy! I like instant gratification when it comes to decorating...So this would be good. I would say that the polka dots are just a little too cutesy for Shane's taste though, so we would probably skip out on those pillows :) 

Well, there is a start to my thoughts on decorating our new house. It's going to be our first time having....wait for it....A YARD! I am so excited to get off our busy road and to have a house on a dead end...It's going to be like a whole new world. Though this won't be our forever home, it's going to be the home that we start out our journey into the married unknown...and that is just exciting :)

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