Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Okay Maybe I Decorated a Little my previous post I talked about never really decorating this house....Well of course today I got the urge to semi-decorate. And with that I give you this! 
I wanted a cheap and easy way to display some of our engagement pictures without buying 1500 picture frames. So, I went to Walmart and bought some gold ribbon for 97 cents (boom) and 100 clothespins (overkill) for $1.88 and pinned them to the wall! With the help of my friend Mallory we had them hung in roughly 10 minutes. I painted the clothespins with coral paint on the tips to just add a little somethin-somethin and wallaaaah!

As I was browsing the craft section I found this cute "&" for $1.87 and my heart just couldn't even handle it. I. Love. Cheap. Shit. Soooo of course I decided to paint that too and hang it above the pictures! So cute. Although, when Shane saw it and walked in the door he said "why is there an and on our and what" AND I THINK IT'S CUTE OKAY? Men.

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